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Po-moemu, Vy chitali Yakova nevnimatel'no. Na vsyakii sluchai, povtoryu dlya Vas. Organizac'iya "Eyal" byla SOZDANA agentom SHABAKa Avishaem Ravivom. Sudya po vsemu Eitan Oren byl v kurse etogo, no tem ne menee, pokazal
etot syuzhet po televideniyu, kak primer pravogo ekstremizma.
Vot Vam c'itaty:

* The members of the Shamgar Commission, headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Meir Shamgar, which investigated the Rabin assassination and concluded that "Raviv had [longstanding] ties with the media in order to present Eyal as an existing body, and he received the help of the television via its broadcasting of the swearing-in ceremony, which was nothing more than a show, as anyone who was there must have been witness."

* Former Atty.-Gen. Michael Ben-Ya'ir, told Ma'ariv newspaper on Sep. 4, 1998: "After it was made clear that this was a staged report, I felt that Raviv must be indicted, and Eitan Oren must be made to stand at least a disciplinary trial. I said this in closed sessions, and I was very much in favor of an indictment."

* Gen. (res.) Ami Ayalon, head of the GSS, was quoted during a security cabinet meeting on Oct. 4, 1998 as follows: "It was reported to [Prime Minister Rabin] that Eyal was basically controlled by our own people... The Prime Minister's Office asked the GSS what was this [swearing-in ceremony] that was on television. They were told that the whole thing was a fabrication - a double fabrication, also by the television."
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