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: Kto-to obladaet informaziei chto proishodit s gazetoi "Vesti"???
: Eto vigladit kak torjestvo demokratii...

PSI (Professors for Strong Israel) release:

The dismissal/Firing of Edward Kuznetsov:

(a) From:
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 11:03:31 +0200

Dear friends,

The editor of the popular newspaper in the Russian language, "Vesti" was fired. We ask our
friends to support Mr. Edward Kuznetsov and please send messages to the publisher of "Yedi'ot
Acharonot" (the owners of "Vesti"), requesting that Mr. Kuznetsov gets his job back. You can
mention boycotting the newspaper if he does not recieve his job back. The fax number of Mr.
Arnon Mozes in his office is: 03-6082535. The more faxes the better.

(b) PSI's Press Release:

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 19:31:20 +0200

Professors for a Strong Israel regrets the dismissal of Mr. Edward Kuznetsov from his post as
editor of Vesti. Mr. Kuznetsov was fired in spite of his journalistic talents and in spite of
the fact that he brought the newspaper to a position of leadership in both circulation and
quality in the Russian-language media.

We fear that the dismissal stems from Mr. Kuznetsov's independence and the discomfort it has
caused in certain circles, and we suggest to the readers of Vesti that they direct an
especially critical eye towards material they find in future issues of the paper.

Dr. Ron Breiman, Spokesman
Tel: 050-518940, Pager: 03-610 6666 / 28345


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