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СообщениеДобавлено: 23 Dec 2002 00:26    Заголовок сообщения: Статья Барри Хамиша про Гиносара

Господа, у меня нет времени переводить все подряд, поэтому читайте на английском как можете.


Here is why Rep. Wayne Owens was murdered in Tel Aviv. He is the
latest victim of Shimon Peres' decades old murderama. Let us begin with
some background from the Washington Post before we sort out the murder:

Friday, December 20, 2002; Page B07

"Wayne Owens, 65, a Utah Democrat who had represented
Salt Lake City in the House of Representatives for
eight years and who was a founder of Washington's
Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation,
was found dead Dec. 18 on a beach in Tel Aviv.
A State Department spokesman said that the cause of
death was unknown but that there were no signs of foul
His death came at the end of a congressional
delegation visit with leaders of Syria, Egypt, Qatar,
Oman, Saudi Arabia and Israel and representatives of
the Palestinian Authority.
On the House's Foreign Affairs and Permanent Select
Intelligence committees, Rep. Owens was an advocate of
improved Middle East relations. Since leaving Congress
in 1993, he had served as president of the Middle East
Peace Center.
He co-founded the center with Slim Fast Foods Chairman
S. Daniel Abraham in 1989 and worked with Middle East
leaders to promote peace through economic development.
He was present at the September 1993 White House peace
summit at which then-Israeli President Yitzhak Rabin
and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat shook hands.
His interest in international relations sprung chiefly
from his work on the Foreign Affairs Committee. In
1989, he held a controversial meeting in Tunisia with
Arafat, during which he raised congressional concern
about Palestinian-sponsored terrorism. Still, the
visit raised the ire of some Israeli activists."

Now let's introduce the characters:

Yossi Ginosar - Deputy head of the General Security Services until
1987 when he was forced to retire after two serious perjury scandals.
Nonetheless, he was appointed special emissary to the PLO by Prime
Ministers Rabin, Peres, and Barak. In early December 2002, the newspaper
Maariv exposed Ginosar's embezzlement scam with Arafat and Arafat's
paymaster Muhamed Rashid. The scandal was destined to lead to the kickbacks

and payoffs that reached the pockets of Peres, Barak and Pres. Bill
Clinton, but it has been effectively covered up by the Israeli media.
Member of the board of the Shimon Peres Center For Peace.

Hani Masri - Partner of Owens and Daniel Abraham. With the help of
Clinton and Owens, he swindled the American people of $60 million,
supposedly aimed at increasing economic activities in the PA, but which has

subsequently disappeared.
West Bank / Gaza & Jordan Fund
Capital Investment Management Corporation Canceled
West Bank/Gaza and Jordan at least 60% in West
Bank/Gaza 60 Equity investments in basic service and
manufacturing companies.
Contact Information for West Bank / Gaza & Jordan Fund
Organization Title Name Address Telephone Fax
International Capital Advisors Scott Stupay 6862 Elm
Street, Suite 720 McLean, VA 22101 703-847-0870
Here is a transcript of the founding of the fund:
Needless to say, Masri sits on the board of the Peres Center For

Daniel Abraham - Leading donor to the Peres Peace Center. Most
prolific moneyman behind the Oslo "peace" process. Member of the board of
the Peres Center For Peace.

Stephen P. Cohen - American professor, leading American Jewish
advocate of Oslo process. A steady contributor to the editorial pages of
such august journals as the New York Times. Was exposed by Maariv two weeks

before Owens' murder as a partner in the Ginosar/Arafat embezzlement
scandals. Ginosar's partner Ozrad Lev, who spilled the beans to Maariv,
claimed Cohen had large stakes in phoney companies founded to launder the
$350 million Arafat stole from his people, which Ginosar and Lev deposited

for him in a Swiss bank. He is now under investigation by Israel Police for

his part in the Ginosar scandal. Go to Owens own website and look at his
"Business Development Organization" file.
What do you know, Owens' business organization was set up by Stephen P.
Cohen and Daniel Abraham! Member of the board of the Peres Center For

Here is what Peres has to say about Cohen and Abraham on Owns'

"In all likelihood, much of what Dan Abraham and Wayne
Owens have done, working through the Center, to help
Israel normalize relations with her neighbors will
never be fully appreciated. I began counseling with
them regularly ten years ago and we have become close
friends as a result. Then, as now, they constantly
asked questions, tested ideas, and carefully passed
along messages between the region's leaders. Now the
Center must expand in order to undertake new projects
that could lead to significant diplomatic and economic
benefits to the Middle East. The potential here is
- Shimon Peres

Now for more damning information from the website. The comments in brackets

are not mine, but those of my brilliant correspondent David Miller:

"The Center for Middle East Peace and Economic
Cooperation was established in 1989 by Slim Fast Foods
Chairman S. Daniel Abraham and Utah Congressman Wayne
Owens. A World War II combat veteran, Mr. Abraham had
experienced the horrors of war and committed himself
to the prevention of future conflicts. When he met
Congressman Owens, who served on the House Foreign
Affairs and Select Intelligence Committees, the two
men recognized that they shared a determination to
achieve a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israeli

"In 1990, they recruited Dr. Stephen Cohen to join the
Center and bring his experience in unofficial
diplomacy and conflict resolution to the organization.
Ms. Sara Ehrman, long time peace activist and former
Senior Political Advisor at the Democratic National
Committee, became Senior Advisor at the Center in
early 1997.

"Since its founding, the Center’s officers have
traveled extensively and regularly throughout the
Middle East. We have also sponsored numerous fact
finding missions to the region for Members of
Congress, government officials, and private citizens
to meet with Middle East leaders. Visiting Israel and
more than 20 Arab countries, the Center has enabled
American decision makers to witness first hand the
challenges facing leaders who seek peace in the

"During these visits, the Center was able to open
unprecedented [read, "illegal"] channels of
communication as it formed close relationships [read
"payoffs"] with the leadership of all parties involved
in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Through the discussions
with Middle Eastern leaders, it became apparent that
there is a role for the private sector to play in
promoting and protecting the Middle East peace
[Raking in millions of dollars in business deals]

"Each year, the Center sponsors a Consultation on the
New Middle East. The Consultations bring groups of
business leaders and policy makers together for
private, off the record meetings [so no one will know
about the illegal business dealings and payoffs] which
seek to create an environment that encourages the
prospects for peace in the Middle East. The Center
also conducts an annual Retrospective on the Peace
Process—a public forum where leading policy makers
from the Middle East and United States exchange fresh
ideas on the peace process.

"Over the past eight years, the Center for Middle East
Peace and Economic Cooperation has sponsored numerous
activities aimed at bringing policy makers and
influential leaders in the private sector together to
foster the atmosphere necessary for the promotion and
protection of Middle East peace [by bribing them and
then holding them hostage to blackmail in the future].

"As a result of these efforts, the Center has become an
address for leaders seeking a dialogue among
government officials and the private sector."

Now here is how Owens most likely died:

Barely a fortnight before, Rep. Owens learned the Ginosar scandal
broke in Israel. He was either terrified or furious. It's a tossup. If he
was terrified, it was because it wouldn't be long before his direct ties to

Stephen Cohen would implicate him deeply in the scandals. If he was
furious, it was because he finally learned how badly he had been scammed by

Peres, Abraham, Masri and Cohen.
Either way, he threatened to blow the whistle on the Peres Peace
Center. He was poisoned at dinner and dead on a beach by 9 PM. Rep. Owens
is now another notch on Peres' gunbelt.


And Rep. Owens was not the only victim this week. Still another Yesha
rabbi was knocked off by the CIA-trained Islamic Jihad hit squad, approved

by Shimon Peres and George Tenet in 1996. Rabbi Yitzhak Arama was shot dead

in his car with one bullet to the heart. None of the six children in the
vehicle was hit. Still another skilled murder aimed at driving the Jewish
residents of Gaza from their homes.
And still the Rabin murder threatens to expose all of Peres' crimes.
Another scandal coverup taking place in Israel right now, is what should be

the historic trial of Avishai Raviv. Since it is in closed session, we
don't know everything taking place in the courtroom but we do know that
last Wednesday Yigal Amir spoke the plain truth.
When under heavy examination by the prosecution he reminded them: "I'd
be more polite if I were you. I may have shot at Rabin but I didn't murder

The prosecution immediately toned down its questions. But no matter how

the media misinterpreted Amir's meaning, he was not making a distinction
between murder and manslaughter in those circumstances. He was warning the

court that it had better respect him because they know darn well he wasn't

Rabin's murderer. And the same court has a pretty fair idea that Peres
Now who will try Peres for the murder of Wayne Owens?
СообщениеДобавлено: 23 Dec 2002 00:28    Заголовок сообщения:

А почему не ссылка?
СообщениеДобавлено: 23 Dec 2002 01:20    Заголовок сообщения:

Яков писал(а):
А почему не ссылка?

Яков, куда дать ссылку? На мой и-мэйл?
СообщениеДобавлено: 23 Dec 2002 04:32    Заголовок сообщения:

И-таки, кто убил Овенса? Люди Переса? Зачем, ведь Овенс не был врагом Переса и не мешал ему.

the CIA-trained Islamic Jihad hit squad

Вот, кстати, о переводе. Ну. CIA-trained - оставим на совести автора, а hit squad можно перевести, как "ударный отряд", хотя тоже звучит как-то ... коряво, вроде ударников ком.труда. Ну нет в великом-могучем хорошего эквивалента.

А за Слим-Фаст Овенса надо точно, ну, не убить, конечно, а морду набить - дрянь порядочная этот Слим Фаст.
СообщениеДобавлено: 23 Dec 2002 04:47    Заголовок сообщения:

Levy писал(а):
the CIA-trained Islamic Jihad hit squad

Ну. CIA-trained - оставим на совести автора, а hit squad можно перевести, как "ударный отряд", хотя тоже звучит как-то ... коряво, вроде ударников ком.труда.

1. В эпoху Великoгo Рaбинa для тренирoвки "пoлицейских" Aвтoнoмии кaк ни стрaннo приезжaли инструктoры из ЦРУ. Некoтoрoе числo тaких "пoлицейских" прoшлo снaйперский курс в Aмерике.
2. "Hit squad" перевoдится кaк "oтряд пo уничтoжению", тaк же кaк hit-man - киллер, снaйпер. Чтo и стaвит все нa местo. Oбa слoвoсoчитaния - устoйчивые вырaжения, oбoзнaчaющие впoлне кoнкретнoе явление. Тaк чтo ни o кaких "удaрникaх" здесь речи не идет.
СообщениеДобавлено: 23 Dec 2002 07:51    Заголовок сообщения:

shadowcaster писал(а):
"hit squad" перевoдится кaк "oтряд пo уничтoжению", тaк же кaк hit-man - киллер, снaйпер. Чтo и стaвит все нa местo. Oбa слoвoсoчитaния - устoйчивые вырaжения, oбoзнaчaющие впoлне кoнкретнoе явление. Тaк чтo ни o кaких "удaрникaх" здесь речи не идет.

Если быть точным, то отряд по уничтожению - killing squad. Если речь идёт не о людях - extermination squad.
Hit-man - герой боевиков о киллерах, терминаторах и проч.
Киллер - Killer.
Снайпер - Sniper.
Это английские слова, ставшие международными и вошедшие с тем же смыслом во многие языки.
СообщениеДобавлено: 24 Dec 2002 14:55    Заголовок сообщения:

Силовые структуры уже давно предпочитают "выстиранный" язык. У нас же тоже подкладывание мины в машину супостату или уничтожение его ракетой с вертолета официально называется "точечным предотвращением", сикуль мемукад. (Сфокусированным, если уж дословно). А не "ликвидацией". Так же и "ударные отряды", так же и "войска специального назначения" во всех странах. Зачем же kill? Это неэлегантно. Гораздо лучше hit.
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